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Trust Accounting Software and Management
Seamless cloud-based compliance accounting for Short Term Rentals and Strata Hotels

Designed for
Holiday Accommodation Providers

Booking Trust offers Host & Trust Accounting Software and Account Management Services that save you time and money. 

Designed specifically for Short Term Holiday Accommodation and Owner Room Hotels, Booking Trust ensures transactional transparency and accuracy across all areas of the business, from deposits and cancelations to all the extra charges in between.

With cloud based access and streamlined PMS integrations, keep your data synced, your accounts transparent, and your clients happy. 


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BookingTrust Software is built specifically to process Trust and Host account finances for short term holiday accommodation. Cloud based PMS and payment gateway integrations reduce fees and enable streamlined management of all transactions, fee allocations and disbursements. Use the software and manage it yourself, or get our team of experts to manage it for you.

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Account Management

BookingTrust Account Management keeps your Trust or Host Accounts in order. All transactions, reconciliations, and monthly disbursement reports are managed - so you can focus on improving guest experiences, increasing owner returns and building your portfolio.

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How bookingtrust 
can save you money

Without accurate trust accounting software you're liable for:

  • Missed channel fees: You're billed for these, but forgot to collect them from the owner.
  • Missed card fees: All those Stripe fees add up, but are difficult to account for in the rush to disburse.
  • Unallocated expenses: You forgot to add that at the end of the month, and the owner forgot to let you know. 
  • Missed bookings: You forgot to transfer this to your accounting package, however, the owner did let you know. 
  • Canceled Bookings: You refunded the guest twice, or the deposit is still in your account, you missed out on the management fees. 

With bookingtrust - none of this will happen to you again!

Why you can trust

We’re Focused

Industry specific solutions

We only work with short term holiday accommodation providers, so you’re not paying for unwanted features.

We’re Experienced

Complete account management

Our team of experts are here to do your accounting, freeing you up to focus on client satisfaction.

We’re Developers

Flexible software solutions

We've built the only cloud based trust accounting software for short term rentals that can interface with your PMS, with the flexibility you need.

We’re Australian

And used worldwide

Australia has some of the toughest accounting compliance regulations, so no matter where you operate, we've got you covered.